Best Flowering Plants That Are Available Online

Are you wondering where you can find beautiful flowering plants apart from the nursery? These days you can find numerous plant stores online that sell flowering and non-flowering plants at a very affordable price. One of the main advantages of these online plant stores is that they offer a wide variety of plants that you can choose from. People also use these online plant stores to send plants as a gift to their loved ones.

Since online plant stores deliver the plants right at our doorstep, we don’t need to go out of our house to buy these plants. This is very convenient in times like these where the whole world is in lockdown due to a pandemic.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the most common flowering plants that we can buy from online plant stores.


This one of the most common flowering plants available online. Cyclamen has heart-shaped leaves and flowers that appear in pink, red, lilac, and white flowers. The new blooms will appear for months and they need bright light. You should keep them slightly moist and in a cool surrounding, or else the leaves will turn yellow and die.

Christmas Cactus

One of the main reasons why the Christmas cactus is a favorite flowering plant is that it can live for decades. The blooms of this common flowering plant are very exotic and come in various beautiful shades, such as pure white to pinks, reds, and corals. The blooming time will be different for different species. The plant needs bright indirect light and you don’t have to water it regularly. Only water the plant when the soil is dry.

Phalenopsis Orchid

This is a common variety of orchid plants, that is very popular among people who buy plants from online plant stores. Even though they look very delicate, they are not so fragile. These low-maintenance flowering plants can live up to several years with minimum care. Phalenopsis orchids can bloom for months and they prefer indirect bright light to grow.


Even though these plants bloom during the holiday season, with the right care, they can bloom for months. Ordering it online is the best choice you have because it is very fragile and needs special attention when it is delivered to your home.

African Violet

This beautiful plant blooms almost continuously and that too in various shades, including purples, pinks, and whites. You need to keep its soil slightly moist and it only needs indirect light.

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