Plant-Based Foods To Improve The Health Of Your Teeth

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Recipes
Plant-Based Recipes

We all know the importance of brushing and flossing our teeth to ensure oral health. However, many of us do not think about the role of food that we eat in the health of our teeth. Food can make much difference in this dimension as it can degrade the health of your teeth or improve it drastically. It is common knowledge that excess amounts of sugars in your diet can lead to decay, however, the knowledge does not stop here.

Many plant-based foods can help in cleaning the surface of your teeth. If you are in search of plant-based recipes that can help improve your oral health, this post is for you. The plant-based foods that are shared below can help you improve your oral health easily.


Strawberries are delicious items that you can add to your plant-based food preparation. You can also eat these sweet berries raw. These berries can do your teeth great favors. The malic acid that is present in these berries can help whiten your teeth by cleaning the stains, thereby making your smile bright. It is still good to brush your teeth after eating strawberries. This is because the tiny seeds of these berries can get stuck in the crannies of your teeth. You might know many preparations with strawberries. However, when having strawberries to benefit your teeth, try to make items that have the lowest amount of sugar in them.


Including these crunchy veggies in your plant-based recipes can do good to your dental health. Cucumber is rich in dietary fiber that can help clean off your gums and teeth. Moreover, cucumber is filled with water which can help accelerate the production of saliva. Saliva can help keep your mouth clean and can kill germs. Cucumber is also low in sugar which can make it great for healthy plant-based recipes that can help improve your oral health. You will be surprised to see the list of recipes available online with cucumber as its main attraction. Feel free to try these recipes to add cucumber to your diet to enhance the health of your teeth.


Parsley is often used as a garnish but deserves the center stage in plant-based food preparation meant to improve oral health. It has antimicrobial properties and has eugenol which has antiseptic qualities. Moreover, eugenol can ensure better breath. You can integrate parsley into your plant-based diet plan in a way that involves more than a sprinkle. For instance, you can add parsley to your smoothies or enjoy it as a side pairing in vegetable soups. In this winter season, let these soups warm you up.


Even though raisins are sweet, they can be good for your teeth. A phytochemical called oleanolic acid present in raisins can help reduce bacteria buildup and can slow down the appearance of cavities. Instead of snacking on raisins, you can add them to plant-based recipes to ensure the health of your teeth. You can avoid using refined sugars in your plant-based food preparation and use raisins instead. It can be added to cakes, bread, shakes, and smoothies. There are many plant-based smoothies in which you can add raisins.


Onions are often thought of as causing bad breath, but they are great to prevent the decay of teeth. This is due to the presence of the chemical – sulfur in onions that give them their distinctive smell. To ensure the full benefits from onions, try using raw onions in your recipes. This can let you enjoy their unique taste and crunch. This might not be easy at the start, but later on, you will get used to the taste and crunch of onions. You can add onions to your plant-based burgers, and salads.


Carrots are popular as a vegetable that promotes eyesight, but they are not just good for your eyesight. The presence of keratin, aids in strengthening your teeth. This prevents tooth decay. Moreover, carrots are rich in fiber and can help improve the production of saliva. The increased production of saliva can result in a healthier mouth. You can always get creative with carrots and come up with recipes that are attractively colored. Mixing carrots, radishes, and beetroots can let you have aesthetically pleasing dishes.

Shiitake Mushrooms 

Shiitake mushrooms can be beneficial to your mouth. These mushrooms contain lentinan that can reduce the growth of bacteria inside your mouth and can also prevent gingivitis. The recipes with these mushrooms are very broad. You can make Asian inspired meals, Shiitake mushroom tacos, and tasty side dishes with these mushrooms. These mushrooms can also be used as a meat substitute in your plant-based cooking.

Now that you know the plant-based foods that can help improve your oral health, it will be easy for you to add them to your plant-based food preparation.