Why Should You Try A Plant-Based Diet?

Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Vegetarian Diet
Vegetarian Diet

As the name suggests, plant-based diets focus primarily on plant foods. The diet also includes animal-derived foods like meat, fish, dairy, poultry, and eggs but they are consumed in moderation.

Plant-based diets are known to offer various health benefits and many are keenly interested to switch to plant-based diets for this reason.

Mediterranean Diet 

The main foods in a Mediterranean diet are derived from plants although the diet includes animal foods like meat, fish, eggs, and more. While on this diet, animal foods are taken a few times a week. Many studies have suggested that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of various health conditions. This includes conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and certain types of cancer.

What Are The Different Types Of Vegetarian Diet?

Many think that vegetarian diets are all about plant foods. However, there are different types of vegetarian diets that may also include animal foods.

Lacto-vegetarian diet: People that follow a Lacto-vegetarian diet avoid animal foods like meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. However, they do not exclude any dairy products (like cheese, yogurt, and butter) from their diet.

Ovo-vegetarian diet: People following an ovo-vegetarian diet avoid all animal foods except eggs.

Lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet: Lacto-ovo-vegetarians avoid all animal foods except dairy and eggs.

Pescatarian diet: Pescatarian dieters eat fish but avoid all other foods that are derived from animals.

Vegans: Vegans avoid all animal foods from their diet. Their meals are completely based on animal foods.

How To Switch Easily To A Plant-Based Diet?

If you followed a diet primarily based on animal foods, switching to a plant-based diet is not going to be easy for you. The tips that are shared below can help you transition to a plant-based diet easily.

Find Substitutes For Animal Foods

If you go on eliminating animal foods from your meals without replacing them with the right plant foods, you are going to find your meals boring. For example, if you are avoiding eating chicken, add a suitable plant-based substitute like legumes to your meal.

Make It Slow

Although it is possible to stop eating animal foods just within a day, it is better to make the transition (to a plant-based diet) slow. Try avoiding animal foods some days of the week and see how it goes.

The benefits that a plant-based diet offers are worth taking the effort to switch to one.