Is Wine A Vegan-Friendly Product?

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Wine is made from grapes, which makes it a plant-based food item. Anyhow, that does not mean it is suitable for vegan dieters. Animal derivatives are used surprisingly in some winemaking processes. Therefore, more and more manufacturers mention whether their wine goods are vegan on the labels. Some non-vegan ingredients similar to certain plant-based meat product components are likely to be added to those wine goods. Read on to discover which those potential ingredients are.

Egg Whites

Several Bordeaux castles practice the most old-school fining methods even today. When these are in the oak barrels, red wines created with Cabernet Sauvignon varieties contain bulky and astringent tannins. Removing the harshest wine tannins require including egg whites in the old barrels before stirring and letting these reach the bottom of the containers. That process makes these kinds of wine products non-vegan. There may also be other animal ingredients in the product.


This is a milk-based protein, used as part of winemaking to get rid of the oxidative wine taint and to contribute to the clarity of white wines. The fat-free milk is occasionally used to accomplish the above, such as in the case of clear Sauvignon Blanc wines.


This animal bone and hide-based protein, is useable for white and red wines. For the above-mentioned reason, the gelatin wine products are not even vegetarian. White wines can get brighter color, albeit at the cost of tannins, whereas the red products can be supple.


This form of gelatin derived from fish was once utilized more extensively than today. It can get rid of excess color and solids, thereby giving white wines their brilliant clarity. These wines are also not vegetarian-friendly.


This is a form of carbohydrate sourced from crustacean shells. For your information, the crustacean is one of the many different forms of arthropods. Producers use it to remove too much color as well as phenols of white wines. The wines with chitosan involved in their making are not suitable for vegetarians, too.

Now, Does The Aforementioned Mean That Every Wine Labeled Vegan Is Not Fined?

To cut the long story short, no. Several fining agents derived from sources other than animals are useable to fine wines for vegan customers. For your information, the word ‘fining’ in this context refers to the process of removing unnecessary things from the wine that sits in the cellar.