How To Marinate Tofu?

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Plant-Based Recipes

Tofu is delicious plant-based food that is a very good source of protein and it can be used in many plant-based recipes. From stir-fries to vegan non-meat loves, tofu can be a flavorful addition to many dishes. As tofu is a flavorless food item, it will absorb the flavors of the marinade that you prepare. The tips shared below will help you marinate tofu to have the most out of this food item. To have the best results, make sure to use medium-firm tofu. This is because the soft texture of the silken tofu makes it difficult to absorb the flavor.

Press The Tofu 

To ensure good results, press any excess water out of the tofu for a minimum of twenty minutes. Simply place the tofu in-between two plates and put some weight on top. Things like a bag of beans work well as a weight. Pressing out excess water from the tofu will ensure that it will absorb more of the marinade that you use. Moreover, the tofu will cook faster. The firm texture of the tofu will be suitable for stir-frying or baking.

Cut It Into Cubes 

After pressing out excess water from the tofu, you need to cut it into slices or cubes. This is because cutting the tofu will ensure more surface area for the marinade.

Prepare Your Marinade 

After cutting the tofu, you will have to let it marinate for a minimum of 30 minutes. An undiluted combination of the following things is inevitable in any good marinade.

  • A base made of tamari or soy sauce
  • An acid like rice wine vinegar, lemon juice, or fresh lemon
  • A small amount of maple syrup for sweetness
  • Spices like chili paste, garlic, or ginger

Marinate Your Tofu 

After making the marinade, add the cubes of tofu to a dish and pour the marinade on it. You can then cover the dish with a plastic wrap or a lid and then refrigerate it for a minimum of thirty minutes. If you have time, you can extend this to even a few hours. Make sure to turn the tofu cubes on intervals, so that the marinade gets absorbed evenly. After marinating the tofu, do not throw away the marinade. You can drizzle it over the tofu after baking, frying, or stir-frying the tofu. You may also pour the marinade over veggies or steamed rice instead of salt.