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Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal
Plant Based Food
Plant-Based Food

The topic of sustainability has become a scorcher in recent times. The oncoming of the pandemic has forced several disruptions to the supply chains, along with the forbearance of tough times ahead. It has certainly made us think of better ways to source food. What exactly is food sustainability? Why do we need to take it seriously?

Food Sustainability

It is an approach to food production and distribution that encompasses the support for the environment and for the long-term benefit of not just it but also the social systems and economy. These practices are starting to gain recognition and momentum, as the gaping holes of the present food system are becoming apparent. Act now. Act fast.

What Are The General Trends To Sustainable Foods?

The drive towards sustainable food practices includes the following:

  • Focus is placed increasingly on plant-based food.
  • Fair trade practices to support the environment and for the treatment of workers.
  • Bioplastic packaging to ensure that the non-biodegradable waste doesn’t pile up.
  • More efficient ways of indoor farming that include onsite vertical farms that require less space.

Companies are starting to place attention towards such trends in response to the consumer’s demand, and this has created an environment for one to find products and goods that make use of sustainable practices.

How You Can Make A Difference

You can support the present race for sustainable food and agriculture by making changes in your lifestyle and diet. You can move away from animal products that include the likes of dairy and animal meats. Reducing meat intake can do plenty for reducing the burden on the environment, as the scale of land and feed that is required to house and raise them is vast. Not to mention that concentrated production of waste that is generated by animals, which affects the environment and humans. Transportation and processing beat down nature once again – leaving behind a large carbon footprint. If you want to make a positive step in the right direction, then you as a consumer can make do plenty.

Making a switch to a plant-based diet will not only suit the environment but also you, as your body is strained less by the plant-food intake. The nutrients that you get from animal products are all there in plant-based foods, barring Vitamin B12 which you can make up taking supplements.

Your contribution matters on the large scale of things – no matter how little or insignificant you may feel that to be…